100 days of code.

I've finally joined the party of 100 days of code, originally made by Alexander Kallaway. The challenge is to (you may have guessed it) code every day for 100 days. One hour, work not included. I decided to join this challenge as my new job is making me very aware of my weaknesses as a programmer, and I know the work I need to put into it to get better has to be a conscious decision.

You see, I'm rather terrible at learning. Half because I don't really know where to start and how to keep going, half because I have the need to be excellent at everything I do. And those two things combined make it really hard for me to try new things, and to push through stagnation and rough times. Just during these four days since I started the challenge, I've seen so many cool things I want to try/learn, but I know myself well enough to foresee that I'll probably do a bit of all, half-assed, and not really develop my skills much.

Thus, I've decided to dedicate these 100 days to (vanilla) JavaScript. My darling, my bae, and my sometimes very frustrating weapon of choice. I will primarily work on logic and algorithms – both way out of my comfort zone. You can follow my little journey on my Twitter and my GitHub. And this is the original repo of the challenge if you want to join yourself.

Here's to 100 days of no CSS escapes and dreams about Python.