Big sis talk: fix your solidarity game.

(Big sis talk is me loving you like you were the little sister I never had. Usually it will be tough love, but love nonetheless. If you're only going to pay attention to one part of the blog: this is it.)

People throw away their support, compassion and solidarity so unbelievably easy, even within their own intersections.
TL;DR: don't be that person.

If you haven’t experienced any discrimination or difficulties from being a woman in the tech industry, please understand that many women have and continue to support them. If you remember coming out as queer as easy and a relief, please understand that many others experience the complete opposite and continue to support them. If you feel good about your own body and never had a problem with acceptance, please understand that so many men and women around you are struggling, and continue to support them. If you got a trial after someone assaulted you and you’re coping well with the trauma, please understand that most people will go without a trial and that some struggle with trauma for the rest of their lives, and continue to support them.

I could go on with intersections and issues I’m not a part of as well. I see my sisters of colour being shamed and turned their back on when they speak of colourism, by people of their own race and gender. Trans women making thousands of dollars from being anti-feminists and anti-LGBTQIA on YouTube. White women turning their backs on women of colour whenever they can/whenever things start to feel uncomfortable.

The energy you gain from having a positive experience, being free, safe and able, and your privilege must be used to fight for others to have the same rights and experience. It should come naturally to you, but if it doesn't: work on it, fix your shit. Don't be that person.