And all the teachers in disguise.


Mindless rambles: It's 21:30 on a Tuesday and I've become aware of how much my writing has changed during the recent years. How I've gone from writing about me – the subject – and my experience, to things – the objects – and concepts. It's easier in a lot of ways: It feels less vulnerable, less scary, and less personal. 

And less vulnerable, less scary and less personal is an easy path to follow when you stop paying attention. It shows in my writing and it shows in my conversations with other people. It's easier to say "x is wrong because of y" instead of "x makes me feel scared". It's more comfortable to say "z is a lazy person" instead of "z makes me feel frustrated because I don't always feel heard". And so on. But easy ≠ constructive and healthy. I think I all over feel more disconnected from both my own creativity and others because of it.

Vulnerability, guys. ✌🏻 Es muchos importante (← and guess who's on level five on Duolingo's Spanish course? Such a good millennial.) I'm trying to get better at communicating how I feel (and why). I find it o, so hard, but I'm trying.