Lvovas / Lemberg / Lwów / Lviv

I went to Lviv at the end of March and haven't really looked at the pictures I took or reflected on the experience until now. I haven't been around Eastern Europe too much, and it's still an area that fascinates me with its history, architecture, and strangeness. It feels like home (Northern Europe), but at the same time, it's nothing like home.


Lviv was wrapped in soft colours and thick winter clouds, ice cold and more difficult to navigate than expected. Everywhere I turned there was a church from a different time period, empire, and Christian denomination. It's a city that has been occupied and annexed by Poland, Austria-Hungary, Hungary and the Soviet Union (and apparently the Swedes had an unsuccessful attempt at conquering it around 1655, silly Swedes).

It was .. beautiful. It really was. Old town looked like Rome's colder, less vibrant little brother. The "khrushchyovka"s surrounding the city center gave my dramatic body an eerie vibe. There's something about the look of the numerous, identical, grey buildings that I find very fascinating. The sweets were sweeter than here, and bacon is apparently considered vegetarian, which I learned the hard way. I ate a lot of chocolate and drank a lot of beers, pointing at menus and pictures to communicate. 

I'm looking forward to going back this summer, and to hopefully learn more about the culture and history, get more used to the Ukrainians' lack of body language and social warmth (before you get to know them, that is, all Ukrainians I've met are rad), and to see the city in actual sunlight. I think we'll be great friends one day.