Ebb tide.

Spring comes in waves: waves of moods, waves of weather. My energy is shifting – back and forth, back and forth – from the statics of winter to something flux, fluid, dynamic. Gratitude and contentment spill out of me one minute, panic attacks and negativity the next. I try to let it all come and go. It's still all good.

I'm looking forward to the first T-shirt days and to be able to wear my chitenge. My best friend is getting married in three weeks and I get so emotional from all the love. April also brings this year's first trip to my favourite place in this country (s/o to Hardangervidda), and I'm back on a new strength program that looks bomb af

It's still


"It's all good": my mantra to remind myself that even though things are uncomfortable, dull or sulky, I'm still better than what I've been in years. My depression is still lifted and I need to stay aware of the room that gives me. Keepin' the perspective. Keepin' the empathy.