I love this stuff #2.

  • I just finished reading "Six of Crows" and it's one of the best books I've ever read.
  • Yoga with Adriene follows the Yoga Revolution challenge from last year with Yoga True, a wonderful gateway to strengthen your yoga practice, check in with yourself and have a little fun on the mat.
  • CodeWars, for getting better at logic and algorithms.
  • I've found it very helpful to create a pre-workout routine for myself, where I mentally prepare and get hyped before I go to the gym. Mine consists of writing (by hand) my exercises, sets and reps, taking my pre-workout supplements, thinking through my goals and my intentions.
  • Kids seeing themselves as heroes and recreating the Black Panther movie posters is everything. Representation matter. Photographed by Asiko.
  • "Capitalizing on the self-care movement" is a short, good read from The Strand on a subject I find very important.
  • You can follow the progression of daylight and spring slowly approaching here.
  • The greenhouse in the university garden here in Bergen (pictured).

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