A small collection of projects I've worked on during the years. Some are completed, some are not.


Scout Gaming Group

I currently work as a front-end developer at Scout Gaming Group, a B2B company creating fantasy sport solutions. My main focus is front-end development, but I'm also learning back-end and UX design.



I spent about a month as an full-stack intern at Wide Assessment, a project I partly include here to endorse it, partly because I've spent numerous hours testing the app using jest. 


Right-wing attacks since 1945 (NO)

An interactive map of right-wing attacks (in Norway) since 1945. This is a work in progress, and will end up as a story map with more information, and a map of global attacks.


Employment of immigrants (NO)

School project that I really want to continue to work on. Statistics are from SSB and show the employment of immigrants in Norway. The plan is to extend and to go more in depth on cause and effect. Link goes to GitHub.



A lil' project I did while following the curriculum to The Odin Project. It's really simple, but I ended up liking it. Also, my first time doing jQuery. Link goes to GitHub.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 15.33.55.png

Bergen Game Jam 2018

A static web site made for Bergen Game Jam (2018). Artwork made by the very talented Dana Peretz. You can find her Facebook page here: Solance design.